Fencing Demonstration at Rondout School

Thundercats Fencing Team Co-Captain Skyler Jackim and Coach Tony Parello put on a great fencing demonstration for the 6th through 8th grade students at Rondout School today.  They demonstrated basic footwork and blade work and even put on a well fought 5-point bout using their electric gear.  Everyone cheered as Skyler (a Rondout 8th grader) eked out close victory over Coach Parello.   The Rondout kids asked a lot of great questions and several even got up to try wielding a sabre against Jackim.

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Coach Parello explained that “fencing is a great way to get fit.  It requires a combination of physical and mental agility and stamina.”  He pointed out that “fencing is like physical chess and is as much a thinking game as it is a physical one.”

Thank you to Judy Barasky, a physical education teacher at Rondout, for inviting us to demonstrate and for encouraging her students to explore fencing in high school.