District 128 School Board Approves Thundercats

Following a fencing demonstration by some of our high school fencers, the District 128 School Board officially approved the creation of a varsity and junior varsity fencing program for the Libertyville and Vernon Hills High Schools.  Superintendent Dr. Prentiss Lea said “It’s very exciting to be launching this new program.  It is very much consistent with our goal of providing a wide variety of enriching opportunities for our students.”

Thank you to everyone who turned out at the school board meeting to support the new fencing program.  And a special shout out and thank you to Tad Carlson, Brian Lemay, Bryan Weiss, Jesse Ou, and Skyler Jackim for putting on a good show for the board.

We’d also like to thank Associate Superintendent Dr. Al Fleming and School Board Member Bill Ratzer for their support and encouragement.

As a result, February 25, 2013 marks the official birthday of the LHS-VHHS Thundercats Fencing team.  Go Thundercats!!!