Thundercats Compete in First Tournament – Jackim and Lemay win Medals

Lemay-Jackim-Stevenson MedalsThundercats fencers Brian Lemay and Skyler Jackim won medals at the Stevenson High School Fencing Tournament held on November 16, 2013.  This regional fencing tournament drew 370 fencers from three states.

Skyler Jackim, a freshman at Libertyville High School, placed 6th out of 46 fencers in the Women’s Sabre event, taking home a 6th place bronze medal in this tournament.  Skyler beat an E rated fencer to finish in the top six.  Skyler is a co-captain of the Thundercats fencing team.

Brian Lemay, also a freshman at Libertyville High School, placed 8th out of 65 fencers in the Men’s Sabre event.  Brian beat 6 E rated fencers to win the 8th Place Bronze Medal in this event.  Brian is a co-captain of the Thundercats fencing team.

Also putting in a strong showing was Ethan Stein, a senior from Vernon Hills High School, placed an impressive 10th place out of a pool of 73 fencers in the Men’s Epee event.  Ethan placed higher than an E rated and C rated fencer.  Ethan is also a co-captain of the Thundercats fencing team.

In addition, the following Thundercats fencers competed in the Tournament.

Men’s Epee

Stein, Ethan  10/73

Schlicht, Gordon  30/73

Benner, Austin  45/73

McGrath, Matthew  54/73

Bringle, Andrew  55/73

Stahnke, Elliot  57/73

Garrett, Brice  60/73

Men’s Sabre

Lemay, Brian  8/65  – Bronze Medal winner

Ou, Jesse  15/65

Carlson, Tad  28/65

Weiss, Bryan  29/65

Kelleher, Declan  40/65

Johnston, Timothy  47/65

Ervine, Rob  51/65

Zou, Daniel  60/65

Lund, Max  64/65

Women’s Sabre

Jackim, Skyler  6/46 – Bronze Medal winner

Yang, Kalina  11/46

Isberg, Megan  32/46

Liu, Katherine  33/46

Congratulations to all of our fencers on a great tournament and putting in such a strong showing in our first tournament.