Price Wins Gold Medal at Illinois State Fencing Championship

Remington Price of the Libertyville-Vernon Hills high school fencing team brought home the Gold Medal in the Men’s Epee event at the Illinois State High School Fencing Championship this weekend at Glenbrook South High School.  Remy also won the Gold Medal in the JV Fencing Championship the week before.  Even more interesting is that Remy just learned to fence last year so he’s made incredible progress as an athlete and fencer in two short years.

In addition to Remy’s stellar performance, the team brought home three other medals.  Brian Lemay won the Silver Medal in Men’s Sabre.  Jocelyn Stephenson won the Bronze Medal in the Women’s Epee event. Lia Pelech and Joe Fusco each won a Top 8 Medal in Women’s Sabre and Men’s Sabre respectively.

Below are our team’s results.  Congratulations everyone!!

Illinois State High School Fencing Championship

Men’s Epee 72 fencers

1  Price, Remington – GOLD MEDAL

10 Bringle, Andrew

13 Cotterman, Forrester

17 Laska, Patryk

23 Posterli, Tore

33 Stahnke, Elliot

46 Flood, Grayson

54 Schneider, Kurt

55 Thompson, Chris

56 Limer, Avi

59 Gudmundson, Luc

66 Hedlund, Jared

Men’s Foil 58 fencers

36 Colao, T.J.

44 Brannaman, Marty

48 Amerson, Aiden

52 Carrasco, Adrian

Men’s Sabre 64 fencers

2 Lemay, Brian – SILVER MEDAL

8 Fusco, Joseph – Top Eight Medeal

9 Weiss, Bryan

29 Boyle, Dylan

41 Hegwood, Michael

50 Lynch, Max

60 Dankelson, Peter

63 Acosta, Jack

Women’s Epee 52 fencers

3 Stephenson, Jocelyn – BRONZE MEDAL

34 Nudelman, Jessica

37 Flores, Evelyn

52 Hamilton, Emily

Women’s Foil 49 fencers

28 Hansen, Samantha

Women’s Sabre 53 fencers

6 Pelech, Lia – Top Eight Medal

11 Jackim, Skyler

20 Isberg, Megan

29 Morgan, Mariam

46 Schellin, Anna