Preseason Fencing Camp Starts October 22nd

Hello prospective Thundercats!  The school year is about to start so that means that fencing season is right around the corner too.  Fencing is a winter sport and the season runs from Late October to Mid February.

The Thundercats Preseason Fencing Camp gives first timers and experienced fencers alike an opportunity to get to know each other and to practice and hone their skills before the Stevenson High School Open Fencing Tournament that typically  marks the beginning of the high school fencing season.

The Preseason Fencing Camp will be held in the new gym at the Rondout School on Bradley Road.

So regardless of your experience, come to the Thundercats Preseason Fencing Camp, meet new people, and have some fun.

Everyone is welcome.  No experience necessary.

Make sure you sign up online so that we have your name and email address!