Olympic Medal Winner Congratulates Thundercats

Tim Morehouse, Olympic Silver Medal Winner

I’m honored to report that Tim Morehouse, Olympic Silver Medal Winner, called to congratulate all of us of on creating the Thundercats Fencing Team!!!

Building fencing programs in schools has been one of Tim’s passions so we spent about 30 minutes talking about our new team.  He is really excited we were able to pull this together.  Tim offered to help in any way he can.

He posted the video of our school board fencing demonstration on his Facebook page and forwarded it to all of his friends on the U.S. Olympic fencing team.

Maybe we can convince Tim to come to Libertyville to put on a demonstration/book signing/dinner/fundraiser!

If you haven’t read his book, American Fencer: Modern Lessons from an Ancient Sport, I encourage you to read it.  It’s Tim’s remarkable story of coming from a disadvantaged background and how he became one of the best fencers in the world.  It’s available on Amazon.com.

To learn more about Tim’s philanthropic work visit http://timmorehouse.com/fencing-in-the-schools.  To support Tim’s efforts to introduce fencing to kids in our inner cities, please visit www.crowdrise.com/fencingintheschools2013.

Stay tuned.  More exciting news to come in the next few days.