Lemay and Stein win Gold at Preseason Tournament

Brian Lemay and Ethan Stein won Gold Medals at the Thundercats Preseason Fencing Tournament held on Friday, November 1, 2013.

Brian Lemay, a freshman at LHS and a nationally rated fencer, won the the top prize in sabre, while Ethan Stein, a senior at VHHS, won the gold in epee.

Tad Carlson, a senior at LHS, won the silver in sabre, and Tore Posterli, a freshman at LHS and a new comer to fencing, won the silver in epee.

The bronze medal in sabre was won by LHS sophomore, Jesse Ou. While the bronze in epee was won by Gordon Schlicht, a senior at LHS.

This was the Thundercats first tournament and the culmination of the team’s preseason camp.   Congratulations to the winners and a shout out to everyone on the team for a great preseason camp.  You learned a lot and show the makings of a very strong team this year.  Go Thundercats!

Sabre Results

Place Name
1 LEMAY, Brian
3 OU, Jesse
4 WEISS, Bryan
5 JACKIM, Skyler
6 FUSCO, Joe
8 LIU, Katherine
9 LUND, Max


Epee Results

Place Name
1 STEIN, Ethan
3 SCHLICHT, Gordon
4 BRINGLE, Andrew
5 ZOU, Daniel
6 MCGRATH, Matthew
7 BENNER, Austin
8 STAHNKE, Elliot
9 KELLEHER, Declan
10 LIMER, Avi
11 GARRETT, Brice