Awesome Results for JV Team

The JV team did a fantastic job yesterday bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals in four events.

The Women’s Foil team eared a bronzed medal. The Men’s Epee earned a silver medal. The Men’s and Women’s saber squads each brought home gold medals.  A great day for Libertyville and Vernon Hills fencers.  Congratulations!

2016 Women's JV Foil Team, Bronze Medal

2016 Women’s JV Foil Team, Bronze Medals, L-R Giovana Mete, Coach Alek Nudelman, Samantha Hansen, Madison Johnson


2016 Men's JV Epee team

2016 Men’s JV Epee team, Silver Medals, L-R Jared Hedlund, Jacob Prusunski, Patryk Laska


2016 Women's & Men's Saber Teams. Gold Medals

2016 Women’s & Men’s Saber Teams. Gold Medals. L-R, Maggie Koberstein, Anna Schellin, Mariam Morgan, Coach Mikhail Tsipis, Patrick Sear, Jack Acosta, James Altschul